Chalcogenoxanthylium Dyes as Photosensitizers for Photoinduced Charge Transfer

A major reason why the commercialization of organic dye-sensitized solar cells (organic-DSSCs) has been slow is because of their low global energy conversion efficiencies, especially when compared to inorganic dye-sensitized solar cells such as those incorporating polypridyl ruthenium sensitizers. The organic dyes that are the subject of this invention offer the potential to overcome that limitation due to two important factors. First, the absorption spectra of these dyes are red-shifted rela tive to those of conventional xanthylium dyes. Second, the dyes can be engineered to form specific aggregates that allow for the broadening of the absorption spectra and an increased overlap with the solar spectrum. In addition to enabling optimal light harvesting, such overlap with the solar spectrum should lead to higher global energy conversion efficiencies. These chalcogenoxanthylium dyes would be ideal candidates for incorporation into a next generation organic DSSC.

See also R-5878

Categories: Materials & Chemicals, Energy

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