Rk-GFP Transgenic mouse with Rhodopsin kinase promoter driven Green Fluorescent protein with green photo receptors

This technology encompasses a transgenic mouse model, Rk-GFP, for the study of photoreceptor-specific gene expression in the retina. Unlike the currently available transgenic mice used for this purpose, the Rk-GFP transgenic mouse model contains ver y little, if any, exogenous DNA sequences. Instead, it incorporates a very short human DNA sequence which was derived from the region upstream of rhodopsin kinase and has demonstrated enhancer/promoter properties. Linking Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) to this short DNA sequence allows for simultaneous monitoring of both the native rhodopsin kinase gene in the mouse and the transgenic GFP. As a result, investigators can elucidate the mechanisms underlying the effect of light and other stress ors on the eye.

Categories: Genomics, Research Tool

Type of Offer: Licensing

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