Coordinate independent, consistent and high level dual-gene transgenesis from a single lentiviral vector

Expression of multiple genes within the same target cells is required for certain gene delivery and therapeutic applications. In spite of such need, reaching independent, coordinate and high level dual-gene expression is still a challenging task. Non -uniform transfer, promoter interference, and poor expression levels are only some of the problems associated with existing approaches to dual-gene transfer. Chemical and biological engineers at the University at Buffalo have developed a new approach to the delivery and expression of multiple genes. Preliminary studies revealed that their vector construct allows for efficient, independent and high-level expression of multiple genes. Furthermore, the performance of this vector construct appears t o be independent of cell types and promoters being used. Aside from being used for dynamic, real-time monitoring of gene expression, potential applications for this vector construct include but are not limited to delivery of genes or siRNAs, tissue e ngineering, and tracking of stem cells in vivo.

Categories: Biomedical Engineering, Research Tool

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