High Performance Nanocrystalline Materials and Methods of Making the Same

Under certain conditions, nanostructured materials have been found to exhibit improved mechanical properties over corresponding, coarse-grained materials. However, most methods for creating nanostructured materials typically involve sacrificing one or more desirable properties in favor of another (e.g., ductility is often compromised in favor of tensile strength). Hopkins inventors have made such compromise unnecessary with the introduction of new nanostructured materials - and methods for preparing them - that possess all desirable properties at acceptable levels. For example, such materials have a tensile strength from at least about 1.5 to about 2.3 GPa and a ductility of at least about 1 to about 18 percent strain-to-failure in tension. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The superior qualities of the new nanostructured materials makes them useful for a variety of structural applications, including magnetic/structural applications such as rotors, electric generators, and magnetic bearings.
Patent (Set) 6,596,101

US 6,596,101

Inventor(s): Weihs, Timothy P.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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