Transcatheter, Non-surgical Left Ventricular Assist Device

The invention comprises a method and device for draining blood from the left atrium of the heart by utilizing a cannula and catheter in which a guide wire and a needle assembly are positioned axially. The guide wire and the needle assembly can be extended alternately through the distal catheter orifice. A cannula is positioned over the catheter (and can slide thereover) and is inserted into a blood vessel with the catheter. This axial configuration of all the system elements obviates the need for repeated insertion and withdrawal of the guide wire and the needle. Both the guide wire and needle are initially and throughout the procedure positioned within the catheter close to the catheter orifice and can be alternately advanced. The cannula is also initially moved through the veins with the catheter. Once the cannula has been advanced into the left atrium, the guide wire, needle assembly and the catheter can be easily withdrawn in an integral fashion without the risk of barb malfunction leaving the catheter behind. Thus, left drainage can be accomplished safely, quickly, and without compromising sterility.

Inventor(s): Anderson, James H.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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