MR Safe Coaxial Cables

This invention is a novel coaxial cable design that will reduce the induced currents and hence the risk of excessive heating or burns in MR scanner. Compact resonance circuits/structures are placed along the length of a coaxial cable with short intervals in a way that an external field could not induce current on the cable. Example designs and related calculations are given in this patent. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) In all MRI scanners, possibility of burns or excessive heating due to the presence of cables is a concern. With this design, this problem is alleviated, therefore this design can be used in conjunction with any design where a cable may get contact with patient during MRI examinations. Examples of such cables are: 1. Cables of the coils placed inside the body such as the cables of: a. Intravascular MRI coils b. Endo-rectal coils c. Endo-urethral coils d. Endo-esophageal coils 2. Cables of surface radio frequency coils 3. ECG electrodes 4. Electro-physiology catheter 5. Physiological data sensors that may carry the information by electrical means MRI scanner manufactures, MRI coil manufactures, manufactures of peripherals for the MRI scanner can potential be interested in incorporating this technology into their products.

Patent (Set) 6,284,971

US 6,284,971

Inventor(s): Atalar, Ergin

Type of Offer: Licensing

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