Non-traumatic Infusion Cannula

In preferred aspects, the present invention features a non-traumatic cannula for use in connection with eye surgery, such as retinal tear and/or detachment surgery. The non-traumatic cannula of the present invention is particularly configured so as to minimize or avoid the potential for damage to the retina when infusing air or a gas therein. Related methods are also disclosed for infusing air during eye surgical procedures e.g. for treating a retinal tear or detachment and macular hole surgery. The method for infusing a fluid, such as a gas, into a patient's eye during eye surgery includes flowing the fluid from a fluid source to the patient's eye and diffusing the flowing fluid as it enters into the patient eye. Such a method further includes providing a non-traumatic cannula that is fluidly coupled to the fluid source, and which diffuses fluid exiting an end thereof. Thus, the fluid flowing out of the cannula is thereby diffusively infused. Patent (Set) 6,551,291

US 6,551,291

Inventor(s): De Juan, Eugene

Type of Offer: Licensing

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