Clinician's Portable, Digital, Intelligent Assistant (Pain Informatics Program)

The input devices are mobile pen-based computers and palm pad systems that will emulate and expand the clinician's present paper patient system. The system will provide for semi-automation of the collection, archiving, and retrieval of patient information. The Pain Informatics system provides medical personnel with an organized, efficient and reliable method of completing all patient information electronically. This system can improve the accuracy and reliability of patient data collection and archiving while reducing the time costs associated with these processes. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The Pain Informatics Program uses a graphical interface imposed upon a Visual Basic and Access database environment. The program guides the physician and physician's nurse in collecting critical patient information. The design is integrated with unique JHM SOM protocols; the software recommends patient therapies, drugs, drug dosage, and follow-up consultation. Pharmaceutical orders and billing information are automatically generated for each patient. A record of prescribed medication, patient symptoms, patient pain levels, and patient status are maintained in a relational database to facilitate clinical studies of drug interactions and patient satisfaction.

Inventor(s): Greenberg, Robert S.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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