Floating Chamber Set for Multi-Well Tissue Culture Plate

Abstract (Set) Description (Set) Clear, precise immunohistochemistry data is reliant on the quality of immunolabeling and the structural integrity of the tissue being examined. Most tissue processing techniques require multiple reagent changes and physical manipulation of small, delicate samples which can be easily damaged as they are transferred among reagents. There is an unmet need for convenient, effective tools to enable easy and efficient cell and tissue handling. Johns Hopkins scientists have produced an innovative floating chamber set which allows simultaneous and efficient movement between reagents with less samples damage and more available data. Features and Benefits: ? Multiple plastic floating chambers are configured for easy combination with available multi-well tissue culture-ware to increase versatility in assay design while reducing time and labor for tissue processing. ? Chamber sets are transferable between multiwell plates so that samples can undergo multi-step processing without paintbrush transfer to avoid tissue damage and reduction of available useful data. ? In contrast to the current rigid multi-well inserts on the market, the unique design allows independent vertical positioning of each chamber to accommodate variations in well depth and seat each chamber at the bottom of a well. As a result, minimal amounts of expensive reagents are required to cover samples in the chambers to significantly reduce assay cost. ? Customizable holes located along the bottom edge of the chamber allow efficient permeation of fluid in the chamber to increase the speed of fluid exchange and reduce reagent retention when transferring the chamber set from one multiwall plate to another. Proposed Use (Set) These floating chamber sets can be combined with most commercially available multi-well tissue culture plates for a wide range of applications including processing of tissue slices, immunohistochemical staining, 3D or explant tissue culture.

Inventor(s): Inventor (Set) Kolodkin, Alex L. ,Celic, Ivana ,Shelley, Terry ,Wang, Shih-Hsiu

Type of Offer: Licensing

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