Improved Method of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Embryoid Body Formation

Description (Set) JHU scientists have developed an optimized method for culturing and differentiating human embryonic stem (hES) cells. Obtaining sufficient numbers of viable differentiated cells from human embryonic stem cells is a recognized challenge in stem cell culture. It is a critical limiting factor for development of human stem cell-based therapeutics. Totipotent hES cells form embryoid bodies (EB) in culture as an intermediate step before differentiation into multiple cell types. Embryoid body formation from hES cells is highly inefficient. The culture method optimized by JHU scientists solves the known problem of inefficient EB formation by significantly reducing the hES cell death rate. The viability and differentiation state of hES cells is dependent on precise culture conditions. JHU scientists have determined an optimized culture method for hES based on the addition of a specific combination and concentration of extracellular matrix components at a specific point in the culture method. This method enhances the survival and differentiation of human embryoid bodies in suspension. In addition, this method is useful for enhancing the differentiation of hES cells into definitive endoderm cells which are precursors of fully differentiated pancreatic beta cells that express insulin C-peptide. Benefits of JHU optimized culture method: ? Survival and incorporation of hES into EB is enhanced ~8- to 10-fold. ? Increases the survival and formation of definitive endoderm cells into endoderm aggregates by 30- to 70- fold. ? Enhances differentiation of endoderm cells into pancreatic beta-cells by 5-to 10 fold. ? Enhances production of mature insulin C-peptide expressing cells by 150-fold. Proposed Use (Set) This technology could be commercialized as a method to economically produce sufficient numbers of human differentiated cells and cell structures for use in large scale animal trials and future human therapies.

Inventor(s): Shamblott, Michael Zhan, Xiangcan (John)

Type of Offer: Licensing

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