Anopheles Gambiae Densonucleosis Virus Expression System

Abstract (Set) Densonucleosis viruses (DNVs) are single-stranded non-enveloped viruses in the family parvoviridae. This invention is the novel Anopheles gambiae densonucleosis virus (AgDNV), and the use of AgDNV as a heterologous system for gene expression, gene silencing and genetic manipulation of the mosquito Anopheles gambiae. AgDNV is the first DNV shown to infect and disseminate in Anopheles gambiae and can also be used in a similar manner for other mosquito species in the genera Aedes and Culex. The invention consists of the cloned AgDNV genome, constructs that provide promoters from the AgDNV genome, constructs that use exogenous insect promoters to generate expression vectors with cloning sites for insertion of heterologous genes, and expression vectors comprising an AgDNV or exogenous promoters linked to a heterologous gene(s). The invention also provides a method to eradicate malaria in the common Anopheles gambiae mosquito. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) A viral biocontrol agent to control Anopheles mosquitoes and malaria transmission in the field. AgDNV can be used as a research tool for easy forward and reverse genetics of Anopheles gambiae, germline transformation.

Inventor(s): Rasgon, Jason ,Ren, Xiaoxia

Type of Offer: Licensing

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