1. a Family of Novel Flavoenzymes, 151, that Binds Actin and Regulates Repulsive Axon Guidance Through Oxidation-Reduction Mechanisms and 2. a Role for Oxdidation of Actin in Limiting Axonal Outgrowth

We have identified a class of proteins containing members which directly binds to the cytoplasmic domains of plexin receptors in both invertebrates and vertebrates, and we have shown that these proteins are essential for plexin signaling events in the developing nervous system. We have also identified small molecules that can inhibit semaphorin-mediated neuronal repulsion and, based on their activities, the monooxygenase domains of MICAL proteins. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This project has resulted in the identification of small molecules which may be of use in the promotion of neuronal regeneration following neuronal injury or degeneration. Further, we have identified a cytosolic signaling molecule with potential interactions with a large number or signaling cascades. In addition, any signaling pathway which utilizes plexin receptors is a potential target for our invention. These include, in addition to promotion of neuron process extension through the inhibition of semaphorin (and possibly other repellents)-mediated repulsion, several potential immune system functions and also certain cancers. Patent (Set) WO 03/066821

Inventor(s): Kolodkin, Alex L.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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