Simulation System for Training and Pre-treatment Planning of Image Guided Needle Placement Proceedures for Vertebroplasty and Other Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Diagnostic & Therapeutic Medical Applicat

The invention is designed to provide physicians and paramedical medical personnel with a simulation system that will allow them to train, practice and or pre-plan image guided needle placement procedures that have both diagnostic and therapeutic medical applications. The user can interactively manipulate percutaneously delivered therapeutic medical devices in real time in association with patient specific medical image data sets in a manner similar to that encountered in a clinical procedure. Examples include vertebroplasty, other orthopedic procedures related to image guided needle placement and soft tissue applications such as needle placement into organs to deliver chemotherapy, radiotherapy implants, hyperthermia, gene therapy, radio frequency and other percutaneous treatment modalities to diagnose and treat tumors, arteriovenous malformations, drainage procedures, etc. The system interface device and instrument tracking software allows the user to insert, under virtual image guidance, needles or other diagnostic or therapeutic into target regions or lesions identified in the virtual image display. The system provides a functional environment to train individuals in needle or instrument guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using a virtual patient setting as opposed to the actual patient. The system also allows individuals to pre-plan various treatment approaches using patient specific data sets in order to reduce complications or improve therapy delivery for subsequent real patient treatment. The system could also be used in a tele-mentoring or tele-educational function to allow individuals from remote sites to advise or interact in the simulation process in order to provide expert advice or be expose to educational opportunities. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Medical Imaging Companies may be interested in licensing the technology for incorporation into medical imaging systems as part of a more integrated image guided therapy delivery system. A new company could be developed to commercialize stand alone training and or pre-treatment planning modules. Some components of the system could be developed for more general educational purposes. Some components could be used as a base for other medical simulation applications. Patent (Set) WO 03/096255

Inventor(s): Anderson, James H.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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