Cell Lines for Evaluation of 'Beta'-Catenin Function

Mutation in the beta-catenin/APC pathway are responsible for over 90% of all colon cancers in humans. Mutations in the beta-catenin gene activate the activity of this oncogene and cause uncontrolled growth of the affected cells that harbor this mutation. Using our gene targeting technology, we have created isogenic human colon cancer cells which possess only mutant or normal copies of the beta-catenin gene. These cell lines are genetically identical save the targeted beta-catenin alleles. These cell lines are ideal agents to aid in the discovery of the function of the beta-catenin or APC cancer genes and for discovery of drugs that specifically target cells mutant beta-catenin. Also, since beta-catenin acts by increasing the levels of a host of other genes, these cells can be used in studies to identify differences in the genetic programming and expression profile of cells with and without uncontrolled beta-catenin activity. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Drug screening Genomic studies Functional studies

Inventor(s): Chan, Tim

Type of Offer: Licensing

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