IHC Software

A comprehensive software program has been developed to aid in immunohistochemical laboratory studies. At present, no such comprehensive and integrated software program with equal or similar capabilities is available in the marketplace. Some vendors offer rudimentary software as part of their proprietary staining machines and reagent systems, but their capabilities are limited. Description (Set) The IHC software application is a proprietary product written using the (M)UMPS programming language. It is designed to work in conjunction with the PDS database. The 'deep down' structures are (M)UMPS databases and routines while the user front end is web based. Proposed Use (Set) 1) Thus program allows oline test ordering of IHC & Insitu. 2) It can retrieve & organize IHC laboratory caseload. 3) This program contains methods and protocols to be used as standard operating procedures for all antibodies and reagents utilized in a research and diagnostic immunohistochemistry laboratory. 4) It makes detailed protocol descriptions (e.g. antibody type, ordering information) available to ordering physicians & technical staff. 5) This program may be adopted as a teaching and training tool for research and technical staff in all areas of immunohistochemistry and to establish good laboratory practices (GLPs) with quality assurance (QA). 6) It provides automated calculations for preparing all antibody reagents required in a clinical research and diagnostic immunohistochemistry laboratory. 7) This program provides record keeping and inventory management for the Immunohistochemistry laboratory. It can provide calculations for reagent preparation & link it with real-time inventory control. 8) This program prints reagent labels and other i.dentifying information as per regulatory compliance. 9) This program provides daily documentation and maintenance of records of all the work performed in an IHC laboratory as per GLP requirements and also the regulatory compliance. 10) This program contains an antibody history menu for any trouble shooting.

Inventor(s): Kaushal, Manju

Type of Offer: Licensing

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