Multiple Acquisitions of Magnetic Resonance Signal with Interleaved Inversion Pulses to Maintain the Nulling of One or More Species of Particular Longitudinal Relaxation Time(s) (T1)

In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), one of the most common problems is to image a certain tissue without contamination from another one. For example, one is not interested in the signal coming from the fat surrounding the head while scanning the brain, or the blood when scanning the heart, etc. In order to achieve such a selective scanning, one uses preparation schemes (MR sequence) that will kill selectively the signal from some specific tissue (in these examples the fat, or the blood). A new method, called Multiple Acquisitions by Global Inversion Cycling (MAGIC) has been designed, which allows for a faster and/or more extensive scanning of certain part of the body using MRI after such preparation scheme. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) MRI companies would be interested in adding our MAGIC sequence to the series of existing protocols on their clinical MRI scanners. Among the most popular applications would be an extensive (large body or brain area) coverage for the scanning of atherosclerotic plaque or a better delineation of the cardiac muscle over the entire cardiac cycle. Patent (Set) 7,071,689; WO 04/051288

Inventor(s): Golay, Xavier

Type of Offer: Licensing

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