Alkenal/one Oxidoreductase (AOR) cDNA and Protein

Alkylating agents are useful compounds as anticancer drugs as they possess electrophilic characteristics that can promote cell death by covalently binding to cellular nucleophiles such as DNA and proteins. However, metabolic activation is required to unmask the electrophilicity inherent in their functional groups. Scientists at JHU have discovered that NADPH-dependent AOR catalyzes the bioactivation of alkylating agents such as acylfulven and related chemicals that are under clinical evaluation as anticancer drugs. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Recombinant AOR may be useful in the biosynthesis of active drugs as well as characterization of the structure of the AOR gene. In addition, expression of recombinant protein may be useful in the design and evaluation of novel cancer chemotherapeutic drugs.

Inventor(s): Kensler, Thomas

Type of Offer: Licensing

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