4D Digital Rat Whole Body (ROBY) Phantom

The 4D digital rat whole body (ROBY) phantom is a realistic and flexible model of the rat anatomy and cardiac and respiratory motions for use in molecular imaging research. The organ shapes are modeled with non-uniform rational b-spline (NURBS) surfaces, which are widely used in 3D computer graphics. Segmented rat magnetic resonance imaging data(MRI) data obtained from the US Air Force Research Laboratory at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas was used as the basis for the formation of the surfaces. With its basis upon actual imaging data and the inherent flexibility of the NURBS primitives, the phantom models organ shapes realistically while maintaining the flexibility to model anatomical variations and involuntary motions such as the cardiac and respiratory motions. These motions were modeled based on imaging datasets of a normal rat. In each case, the time-changing 3D surfaces were defined by a set of time curves to create time continous dynamic or 4D NURBS surface models. NURBS are an efficient and flexible way to accurately describe the anatomy and cardiac and respiratory motions for a realistic 4D digital rat phantom. The ROBY phantom provides a unique and useful tool in molecular imaging research, especially in the development of new imaging instrumentation, image acquistion strategies, and image processing and reconstruction methods. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Phantom software for research of molecular imaging systems and image processing, reconstruction and compensation methods. Software to teach the anatomy and physiology of the rat.

Inventor(s): Segars, William Paul

Type of Offer: Licensing

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