pFex: an Adenoviral Fiber Exchange Shuttle System

The value of re-targeted adenoviral vectors is becoming apparent in the current age of gene therapy. However, the large size and complex organization of adenoviral vectors makes construction of re-targeted viral genomes difficult. The described invention, pFex, provides a very flexible system for the insertion of re-targeted genes into the Fiber gene locus. The insertion is mediated by the Cre recombinase. In order to maximize gene replacement, without favoring spontaneous excision, two incompatible lox sites have been used. The system is directly compatible with the AdEasy1 RecA mediated E1 gene replacement system. The E1 recombination can be done before or after the fiber exchange. Alternatively, the pFex technology can be easily adapted to other non-AdEasy E1 gene replacement systems. pFex significantly reduces the time required to make recombinant viruses and markedly increases efficiency when compared to traditional methods. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) pFex is very marketable as an adenovirus vector kit. It is compatible with the existing commercially available AdEasy system and will be desirable to any consumer using adenoviral vectors. Additionally, any adenoviral therapeutic company will be interested in pFex as a tool for creating re-targeted adenovirus.

Inventor(s): Rodriguez, Ronald

Type of Offer: Licensing

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