HMG-1 transgenic mouse

The HMG-I/Y gene is overexpressed in human cancer, although a direct role for this gene in transformation had not been established. JHU researchers have generated transgenic mice with HMG-I targeted to lymphoid cells. All 7 informative founder HMG-I mice developed aggressive lymphoma by a mean age of 4.8 months. Their tumors express T cell markers and are transplantable. These results show that HMG-I functions as an oncogene and suggest that it contributes to the pathogenesis of leukemia and other cancers with increased HMG-I expression. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This transgenic mouse can be used as a model for human leukemia and lymphoma in order to identify pathways involved in transformation by HMG-I and new therapies for cancers associated with HMG-I overexpression.

Inventor(s): Resar, Linda

Type of Offer: Licensing

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