Cloning and Isolation of the Large Ribosomal Subunit Proteins from E. coli for the in vitro Reconstitution of functional 50S Subunits

For the first time, JHU researchers have cloned, expressed and purified each of 34 individual large ribosomal subunit proteins for E. coli for use in vitro ribosome reconstitution reactions. The ready manipulation of ribosomes assembled from their component substituents will permit fine-tuning of the activity of the ribosome population to enhance particular desirable features such as speed, accuracy or unusual substrate permissivity Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The potential utility of these individually cloned and purified large subunit proteins is in reconstitution reactions to generate completely synthetic large ribosomal subunits. These subunits could be used for large-scale protein production in a cell-free system that is readily subjected to specific environmental control.

Inventor(s): Green, Rachel

Type of Offer: Licensing

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