Use of Amniotic Fluid (AF) in Ocular Disease

Human amniotic membrane (HAM) has been used successfully in recent years to treat various ocular ailments such as ocular chemical burns, corneal ulcers, and persistent corneal epithelial defects. The efficacy of HAM stems from its mechanical properties as a bandage and the presence of various intrinsic growth factors, cytokines and bactericidal components. Although treatment with HAM is effective, the surgery required is invasive and the membrane can experience spontaneous detachment from the cornea after a limited time-span. In order to gain the therapeutic benefits from human amnion without the drawbacks associated with HAM, JHU researchers developed a topical application derived from term human amniotic fluid (HAF). In an animal model of ocular chemical burn, researchers were able to detect suppression of the inflammatory response, a restoration of corneal clarity and rapid wound healing with topical application of term HAF. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The instillation of topical eye drops of human amniotic fluid is a preferable course of treatment to the grafting of human amniotic membrane for patients as they are simple to administer in a non-clinical setting. Other benefits to term HAF eye drops are the ability to administer treatment in a dose dependant manner, and extended treatment regimes. Lab synthesized formulations of term HAF may be developed in order to reduce sensitization and the risk of infectious disease transmission to patients. In addition to treating eye diseases such as corneal ulcer and persistent corneal epithelial defects, the anti-inflammatory properties of term HAF may be useful for treating common eye conditions such as dry eye, which affects 10-15% of the US population. The application of topical HAF eye drops for dry eye would therefore open up a larger consumer market for this product. Patent (Set) WO/2006/091546

Inventor(s): Behrens, Ashley

Type of Offer: Licensing

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