Hand Held Patient Tracking, Education and Decision Support (TEDS) Tool

This product is a computerized handheld decision support device that would be used by a physician-led team od Community Health Workers working in the field to constantly monitor AND address patient healthcare needs and outcomes. This system will employ an enterprise-level Geographical Information System (GIS) software and relational database to enable the capture of community level data and promote better health education targeting by CHW�s. Risk factor and healthcare utilization algorithms written into the software will facilitate real-time community based patient tracking, tailored health education and outreach. Because all data will be seamlessly and constantly transmitted to the relational database management system via wide area wireless networks or the internet, it will enable real-time population-level health risk management, geospatial analysis and interventional or health services planning by providers or researchers leading the team. This product offers the potential to become the platform for the creation of a viable Community-based Health information Technology Infrastructure.

Inventor(s): Gibbons, Michael C.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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