Identification of PSCA as an Immune Relevant Target of Antitumor Immune Responses

Prostate Stem Cell Antigen (PSCA) was previously identified as a biomarker for pancreatic and prostate cancer. JHU researchers have shown that a pancreatic cancer vaccine induced immune responses against PSCA in patients who demonstrated a positive clinical response, identifying PSCA as a candidate tumor antigen for immune-based therapies. This antigen may serve as a vaccine target, as a target to generate T cells for adoptive therapy, and as an antibody target for diagnosis and treatment of PSCA-expressing tumors. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This invention may be used for the development of new diagnostics and immune-based therapies, including antibodies and vaccines, for the treatment and prevention of PSCA-expressing tumors. Patent (Set) WO 2007/086932; 1850860

Inventor(s): Jaffee, Elizabeth

Type of Offer: Licensing

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