Instrument System for Managing and Cherry Picking Microorganism Collections

Large biomaterial collections require precise and selective access to a subset of material under sterile conditions. JHU researchers have invented a novel integrated instrument system built from existing standard components that allows efficient management of large, complex libraries of biomaterials. The invention will allow easy assess to stored biological materials and efficient retrieval of a user-defined subset, for further experimental manipulation. The specific application involves withdrawing a small liquid sample from a well containing solid frozen biomaterial using a heated pin, and transferring a tiny volume of liquid to a destination well using a robotic arm system. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Currently, no commercial liquid handler exists that can transfer biomaterials from freezer storage to a destination plate for subsequent experimental manipulation. The novel retrieval module could be integrated to various models of robotic freezers and liquid handling systems and increase throughput while eliminating contamination issues.

Inventor(s): Boeke, Jef D.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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