Novel Peptide and Delivery Method for the Treatment of Human Cancers

Description (Set) The PIK3 signaling pathway has recently been recognized a major player in the regulation of cell survival and cell proliferation as it relates to cancer. Scientists at JHU have utilized a small peptide based upon a component in this pathway to block cell proliferation and cell cycle progression in many cancer cell lines as well as in vivo tumor models. In addition to an earlier-developed adenovirus delivery system, these scientists have recently generated a fusion peptide that enables the direct delivery of the peptide into cells. Utilization of this peptide and this new delivery system has resulted in decreased tumor growth of human cancers in mice. The peptide also has advantages over current PIK3CA inhibitors as it does not have some of t he side effects such as hyperglycemia in vivo. Proposed Use (Set) This current invention is a novel fusion peptide that can be easily produced and effectively and efficiently delivered directly to block the proliferation of various cancers.

Inventor(s): Yen, Paul ,Xia, Xianmin

Type of Offer: Licensing

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