Method for Investigating Long-Range Chromatin Interactions in Vivo

Abstract (Set) The packaging of DNA into chromatin, the complex of DNA and protein that makes up chromosomes, is an important mechanism for regulating gene expression. Recent studies demonstrate that long-range chromatin interactions play an important role in transcriptional regulation of genes. Current techniques for investigating long-range chromatin interactions in vivo focus on physical proximities between chromatin elements without specific attention to identifying the protein components that mediate these interactions. To address this limitation, JHU investigators developed a novel method for simultaneously determining proximities between chromatin elements and identifying the proteins that mediate these long-range chromatin interactions. This promising research tool for discovering novel interactions mediated by specific protein(s) of interest does not require presumptive knowledge of the interacting partners. The exploration of the three dimensional aspects of genome organization will have great implications for study of development and cancer. Description (Set) Key Features ? Efficient ? replaces several methodologies for studying chromatin interactions ? Flexible ? presumptive knowledge of interacting partners is not required Proposed Use (Set) A kit for identifying novel long-range interactions that are medicated by a specific protein of interest. This research tool may be employed to create libraries of all the chromatin interactions mediated by a protein of interest in normal and diseased states.

Inventor(s): Baylin, Stephen B. ,Tiwari, Vijay

Type of Offer: Licensing

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