Technique for Identifying and Measuring Narp in Plasma

Abstract (Set) JHU scientists have developed a method of concentrating Neuronal activity regulated pentraxin (Narp) in plasma using taipoxin bound affinity beads. The concentrated Narp is detected using western blot methodology. The method can be used as a diagnostic tool for evaluating the physiological and pathologic states associated with psychiatric disorders, infection, and other diseases that cause hemodynamic change. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Narp is co-released with the hormone vasopressin, a hormone released in response to a number of physiological changes including stress, dehydration and endotoxin. As vasopressin's half life is so short, Narp may prove to be a valuable marker for evaluating physiological and pathologic states associated with psychiatric disorder and infection among other illnesses that cause hypotension and hemodynamic change and instability.

Inventor(s): Reti, Irving ,Baraban, Jay,Miskimon, Matthew

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