A New Method to Increase Memory T Lymphocytes and Enhance their Functions for Resistance of Cancer and Infections

CD137 has long been recognized as a co-stimulatory receptor for growth and functional maturation of recently activated T cells in the presence of T cell receptor signal. Now, researchers at JHU have discovered a new method to grow memory T lymphocytes and to stimulate their function. In addition, the invention describes that, in the absence of MHC and antigen, stimulation through CD137 on T cell surface selectively promotes proliferation of T cells with memory but not naive phenotypes, accompanied with enhanced innate immunity against infection and cancer in na? mice. The method is effective for central and effector memory T cells as well as T cells which acquire memory phenotype during homeostatic proliferation. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) By using a specific monoclonal antibody or natural ligand, this approach can be used to enhance innate immunity to prevent infection of unknown pathogens in unimmunized hosts, to increase memory T lymphocytes in HIV patients, and to prevent cancer outgrowth.

Inventor(s): Chen, Lieping

Type of Offer: Licensing

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