Multi-Imager Compatible Robot for Image-Guided Interventions and Fully Automated Brachytherapy Seed Injector

The present technology is a robot designed for image based percutaneous needle intervention of the prostate gland. The robot is constructed of nonmagnetic and dielectric materials for complete MR compatibility. The system utilizes a pneumatic stepper motor (PneuStep) providing the precision required for needle insertion. Additionally, the robot is designed to accommodate various types of end-effectors for percutaneous interventions; however for this particular design the robot has a developed fully automated brachytherapy seed injector with a controlled seed magazine. Problem Solved/Background IGI (Image-guided Interventions) robotic systems promise to expand the field of radiology by augmenting physician manipulations and integrating medical information for diagnostic purposes. The clinical potential for MRI guided intervention is promising as MR is the preferred method of imaging soft tissue and tumors, however design and construction of an MRI compatible robot is a challenging engineering task. As of now only one commercial MRI compatible IGI system exists, with the present invention as the first fully compatible robot. This particular robotic system was designed for needle access of the prostate gland. Few alternative IGI methods have been tried for this manual procedure. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This technology can be used with any imaging system, and with other instrumentation to be used within the MRI scanner.

Inventor(s): Stoianovici, Dan

Type of Offer: Licensing

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