Developing a High-throughput Screening Method for Identification and Validation of T Cell Epitopes Based Upon the Mass Spectral Analysis of Antigens Bound to Class II HLA-DR Constructs

All currently established methods for the identification of immunogenic epitopes are extremely tedious, time consuming and frequently unsuccessful. The identification of high throughput methods to isolate most likely candidates derived from natural processing of protein antigens is a most desirable goal. Scientists at JHU have invented a high throughput method to identify physiologically relevant epitopes presented by MHC class II for helper T-cell activation. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The assay can be used for 1. The identification of physiologically relevant immunogenic helper T cell epitopes from any given protein from any pathogen. 2. The epitopes identified as such can be used for vaccine preparations against pathogens, including those listed as bio-defense agents. 3. Cancer immunotherapy, by generating activated T-cells against the relevant tumor antigens. 4. Immunotolerance against autoimmune disease that have known protein antigens but unidentified epitopes. 5. Identified antigenic epitopes can be used in class II tetramer assays for staining of specific activated T cells in vivo.

Inventor(s): Sadegh-Nasseri, Scheherazade

Type of Offer: Licensing

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