Protein-Encapsulated Aligned Fibers by Electrospinning for Enhanced Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

We have developed novel protein-encapsulated fibrous meshes that are composed of micro-/nano-sized aligned fibers. The encapsulated protein in the fibers can be released in a sustained manner for up to several months while maintaining partial bioactivity. Direct application of these aligned electrospun fibers with and without growth factor encapsulation as nerve guide conduits has led to enhanced nerve regeneration across a 15mm critical defect gap in the sciatic nerve of a rat model. The success in enhanced sciatic nerve regeneration clearly demonstrates the feasibility of using electrospun scaffolds for tissue regeneration applications. Background The sustained release of bioactive proteins encapsulated by electrospinning and the direct application of electrospinning for the fabrication of implantable tissue scaffolds, in this case, for peripheral nerve regeneration, has led to enhanced tissue regeneration. The invention effectively combines the biochemical and topographical cues necessary for tissue regeneration into one single scaffold via a simple process of electrospinning. The simplicity and feasibility of the fabrication method involved in the invention ensures its wide applicability for the fabrication of other tissue scaffolds besides those used for peripheral nerve regeneration. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This invention can be used for tissue engineering, particularly for tissue regeneration applications

Inventor(s): Leong, Kam W

Type of Offer: Licensing

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