Multifunctional Neck Brace

strengthening of cervical muscles and the prevention of atrophy of cervical muscles; and graduated mobility and improved comfort in patients with a disease attributable to the cervical region of the spinal column. All braces distribute the weight of the head more evenly to the base of the brace surface. Fully constructed prototypes include a cervical collar that allows for physician defined rotation, a cervical collar that has an adjustable distraction force that can be adjusted by either the patient or the physician for rehabilitative purposes, and finally a ?minimalist? model that is light weight and can be worn under clothing. Background Currently the neck brace market exclusively focuses on collars that restrict motion of the entire cervical column. These braces lack methods to achieve cervical elongation, strengthen neck muscles, or allow graduated neck mobility. The known collars generally consist of two rigid segments that act together to relieve pressure on the cervical column by displacing it elsewhere on the body. Generally, the pressure is diverted to the shoulders or the sternum. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This invention provides a breath of collars that can cater to the variety of patients. Moreover the collars can be used as a rehabilitative device for patients who should complete various head and neck exercises against resistance to prevent muscle atrophy, require gradual increase in range of motion, or some level of defined restriction other than total immobility

Inventor(s): Gehlbach, Peter

Type of Offer: Licensing

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