A System and Method for Image Based MR Interventional Device Tracking and Scan Plane Guidance

The present invention is a method of using projection images for interventional device tracking. Specifically, the new tracking method involves acquisition, device detection on 2D projection images, reconstruction of the 3D device from its 2D projection, and selecting the plane of the device without the use of RF coils. Once the device plane is determined, it is utilized to guide the device towards a previously determined ?target plane? providing information for rotation and translation of the interventional device. Interventional devices must be tracked and visualized for real time MR procedures. Current methods utilize localized RF coils for 3D tracking, active catheter antennas, and combined multi-plane views for aid in visualization. The embedded RF coils, however, constrain the geometry and mechanical properties of the interventional device and can not be used to visualize the extended length of the device. Currently there is no method to directly track the plane of the catheter in real-time using active devices and visualization. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This technology eliminates long scanning times and increases the quality of the procedures for real-time image guided interventional procedures. Additionally, with adjustments this method can facilitate tracking of both passive and active devices without design changes to the body of the device.

Inventor(s): Solaiyappan, Meiyappan

Type of Offer: Licensing

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