Mouse Adult Kidney Stems Cells Modulate Function of Dendritic Cells

Abstract (Set) Recent data has suggested that stem cells, such as mesenchymal cells derived from bone marrow, demonstrate an immunosuppressive ability and could represent a new approach for the treatment of immune-related disorders and the regeneration of damaged tissue. Organ resident cells, on the other hand, have not been well studied with regard to regenerative or immunoregulatory capacity. JHU scientists theorized that kidney derived stem cells (KSC) could be used as a novel therapy after kidney transplantation and acute kidney injury. Following acute kidney injury or transplantation, it is known that dendritic cells (DC) are activated; further activating T cells and other elements of the immune system that further aggravates the injury. JHU scientists thought it possible that KSC could modulate the DC immune function and dampen the immune response. JHU scientists developed a protocol to isolate KSC from the kidneys of mice, and analyzed the KSC regulation of DC maturation, endocytosis and cytokine production. Their data demonstrated that indeed, KSC modulate the maturation and cytokine production of bone marrow derived DC, although the underlying mechanisms were unclear. However, the data derived from trans-well cultures suggests that the effect of the KSC was partly due to soluble factors. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) It is expected that future studies will elucidate the mechanisms by which this cell tye renders DC tolerogenic, which based on our preliminary data may involve a soluble factor. Either the cells themselves or this putative soluble factor could potentially be used as an imunotherapeutic tool in clinical acute kidney injury.Cell-based therapy could potentially be used for the management of acute kidney injury as well as autoimmune conditions and transplant rejection. Likewise, isolation of the putative soluble factor secreted by the stem cells that is responsible for the immunomodulatory effects could be marketed as a product in these same conditions.

Inventor(s): Womer, Karl ,Huang, Yanfei,Rabb, Hamid

Type of Offer: Licensing

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