Method of Synthesis of Chemospheres and Chemogel, Hydrogel Embolic Particles and Gel for Locoregional Delivery of Therapeutic Agents and Immunoisolation of Cellular Therapeutics

Description (Set) JHU scientists have developed a method of producing innovative biocompatible compositions useful for variety of therapeutic applications. The biocompatible polymer gel compositions are innovative in the way that they incorporate trackable contrast agents and bioactive agents for slow release delivery in the area of interest. In addition, the compositions can be polymerized without the use of heat, which expands their potential applications. Incorporation of detectable contrast agents expands potential applications of the composition to allow tracking of the implanted composition by various methods. The advantage of this novel delivery composition over systemic delivery methods is that the agents can be locally delivered over time in order to minimize negative effects of the agent on surrounding healthy tissue. The compositions can be produced in various sizes and shapes to vary time release strategies. Benefits of this technology include:
• Continuous release of bioactive agents to a localized area in a patient
• Reduces need for multiple systemic dosages to patients
• Eliminates removal and replacement of non-biocompatible devices
• Diagnostically and therapeutically trackable composition Proposed Use (Set) This technology can potentially be commercialized for use in treatment of a variety of proliferative diseases such as cancer, production of therapeutic vascular embolisms, or bone and cosmetic tissue reconstruction. Also, the incorporation of trackable heat conducting particles means that it can be selectively heated for targeted thermochemical ablation or thermal ablation of adjacent structures.

Inventor(s): Geschwind, Jean-Francois H. ,Barnett, Bradley

Type of Offer: Licensing

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