Biocompatible "smart" nanogels as carriers for hydrophobic drugs

The present invention involves a biocompatible nanogel composition for the delivery of hydrophobic substances that are not readily soluble in organic solvents. These nanogels have been designed to contain hydrophobic cores which encapsulate the insoluble molecules, and a hydrophilic shell which allows long term systemic circulation. The nanogels constitute discrete particles that are less than 100 nm in size. The compositions are non-toxic and non-antigenic, and are suitable for systemic administration by injectable, oral, ophthalmic, or pulmonary means. Furthermore, the surface of the nanogels can be functionalized for targeted delivery. Background Water-dispersed injectable and long-circulating non-toxic formulations for water insoluble drugs are rare. Many anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drugs are water insoluble (eg., drugs such as paclitaxel, rapmycin, curcumin, sparloxacin, and amphotericin B) and fairly potent in their effects. The current invention solves this problem by generating a water based and non-toxic formulation suitable for targeted systemic delivery via multiple routes. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The present invention is a multi-faceted technology that is capable of encapsulating a variety of hydrophobic and water insoluble agents. These nanogels can be used for drug delivery in vivo through injectable, oral, mucus, ophthalmic, and pulmonary routes. Potential commercial applications include targeted drug delivery of anti-cancer agents, anti-inflammatory agents, or delivery of antigens as a vaccination strategy.

Inventor(s): Maitra, Anirban

Type of Offer: Licensing

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