Novel Inhibitors of CRAC Channel As Immunosuppressants

T cell activation is essential for immune response. It is primarily responsible for graft rejection upon organ transplantation. Moreover, dysregulation of T cells has been implicated in several autoimmune disorders, including MS and rheumatoid arthritis. Existing immunosuppressive drugs have significant toxicity, preventing them from being used in a wider range of autoimmune related disorders. Scientists at JHU have now established an IL-2 luciferase reporter cell line that can be activated by agonists of T cell receptor. Using this reporter cell line as a screening tool, they identified a number of drugs that have not previously been implicated in T cell activation. Further study revealed that the family of drugs works by blocking the CRAC channel, a calcium channel responsible for allowing extracellular calcium to enter T cells for their activation. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The drugs may be developed into novel immunosuppressive drugs for treating organ transplantation patients as well as those suffering from autoimmune disease.

Inventor(s): Liu, Jun

Type of Offer: Licensing

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