Mutations of the Cholecystokinin Receptor Type 2 in Human Cancers

Gastrin and the cholecystokinin type B/gastrin receptor (CCKBR) have been shown to be expressed in colorectal adenocarcinoma. Colorectal adenocarcinoma is the second leading cause of cancer mortality in the United States. The CCKBR was screened for mutations in colon, lung, and breast, gastric, pancreatic, ovarian, medullobastoma, and glioblastoma tumors. Somatic mutations were found at frequencies above background somatic mutation rates suggestive of functional significance. This invention includes CCKBR plasmids with normal and individual mutant variants: R396C (HX83), R395H (C092), A406V (HX218), R243C (C090), A406V (G7), A383S (X30), and 11493hetdeiT (G8). Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The invention provides the basis for novel therapeutics and diagnostic measures aimed at detecting or targeting mutated CCKBR genes in human cancers.

Inventor(s): Vogelstein, Bert

Type of Offer: Licensing

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