Topical Administration of Peripherally Acting Drugs for the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Abstract (Set) Clinicians currently have few therapeutic options when it comes to treating chronic neuropathic pain. Drugs available on the market today are not effective in all patients, and often result in partial alleviation of pain. Multiple studies have shown that opioids are effective in treating chronic pain but their use is limited due to dependancy and side effects of constipation, sedation, and respiratory depression. JHU scientists have discovered a method for providing pain relief with opioids delivered peripherally to the target tissue, the source of the pain. This approach will lead to pain relief without the morbidity associated with systemic delivery of opioids, as the systemic dosing is relatively low. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Formulations for topical administration will minimize the absorption of the compounds into the systemic circulation and hence result in a predominant peripheral site of action.

Inventor(s): Raja, Srinivasa ,Campbell, James N.,Guan, Yun,Johanek, Lisa,Meyer, Richard A.,Ringkamp, Matthias

Type of Offer: Licensing

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