Prosthetic Foot with Adjustable Flat Region

INVENTION: The invention is a prosthetic foot that presents a flat region for standing but that has flexibility for walking. The foot can assume a stable position during standing and a "rollover shape" during walking. The rollover shape mimics the natural gait of an able-bodied ankle-foot mechanism.

The invention enables the user to set the length of the flat region according to his preferences. The ability to adjust the flat region can be useful when the user first learns to use a prosthetic foot. He can begin physical therapy setting the flat region to be as long as possible, providing maximum stability during standing. As he learns to walk, the length of the flat region can be reduced, providing greater flexibility in the forefoot.

Prototypes have been designed and constructed. The prototypes are simple in design, and no electrical or active components are utilized.

Northwestern University seeks a licensing partner to commercialize this invention. A patent application has been filed.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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