The Preparation and Application of an Adenovirus Construct to Treat Human Cancers

Abstract (Set) JHU scientists have identified a peptide derived from p55PIK, a PI 3-kinse regulatory subunit, which can effectively block the cell cycle progression of a variety of cancers. To deliver the peptide to cells, they made a replication-deficient adenovirus construct expressing the peptide. Experiments indicate that this GFP adenovirus construct inhibits the proliferation of several cultured cancer cell lines derived from human thyroid tumors and decreases the growth of tumor xenografts induced by human thyroid cancer FTC 236 cells, in nude mice, demonstrating the usefulness of the adenovirus construct in cancer therapy. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The Adenovirus construct may be useful in the therapy of other cancers in addition to thyroid cancers, either alone or in combination with other therapeutic agents. It may be possible to use the peptide in other viral based vectors, other than adenovirus, for cancer therapy.

Inventor(s): Yen, Paul ,Xia, Xianmin

Type of Offer: Licensing

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