New Surgical Instruments for Vocal Cord Repair

A device and method to lateralize, or alternatively medialize, the vocal cord is described that is adjustable so that the final position of the vocal cord can be adjusted to enhance the quality of the patient's voice following the procedure. The multi-component device preferably includes, in the case of lateralization, a collar, a translation bushing, and a piston having a grasping device which is inserted through the thyroid cartilage and activated to grasp the vocalis process region of the arytenoid cartilage and lateralize the arytenoid. In the case of medialization, the multi-component device includes a collar and a bushing mounted for displacement relative to the collar, toward the targeted process, to push the process and/or engage a push-plate to medialize the process.

US 5,593,439

Type of Offer: Licensing

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