Ultra-Accelerated Natural Sunlight Exposure Testing Facilities

U.S. Patent 6,820,509

Technology Description A multi-faceted concentrator apparatus for providing ultra-accelerated natural sunlight exposure testing for sample materials under controlled weathering conditions comprising: facets that receive incident natural sunlight, transmits VIS/NIR and reflects UV/VIS onto a secondary reflector that delivers a uniform flux of UV/VIS onto a sample exposure plane located near a center of a facet array in a chamber that provide concurrent levels of temperature and/or relative humidity at high levels of up to 100.times. of natural sunlight that allow sample materials to be subjected to accelerated irradiance exposure factors for a significant period of time of about 3 to 10 days to provide a corresponding time of about at least a years worth representative weathering of sample materials. This application is a division of U.S. application Ser. No. 09/521,731, filed Mar. 9, 2002, and now U.S. Pat. No. 6,604,436, and which was a continuation-in-part of U.S. application Ser. No. 09/006,746, filed Jan. 13, 1998, and now U.S. Pat. No. 6,073,500.

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