Methods for Identifying Compounds for Treatment of Insulin Resistance

Description: This invention arises from the discovery that aspirin’s effect on insulin metabolism is a result of its action against the IKK-beta kinase pathway. IKK-beta activation causes insulin resistance under conditions of obesity, high fat diet and lipid infusion. Aspirin (salicylate) inhibits the catalytic subunit of IKK-beta and this enhances signaling through signal transduction cascades arising from the insulin receptor. This can lead to reversal of insulin resistance. Heterozygous deletion of the IKK-beta gene reverses insulin resistance due to obesity, high fat diet and lipid infusion, which further validates the target. Clinical & Commercial Utility: The invention provides novel methods for screening for drug candidates for treatment of disorders involving insulin resistance. The screening methods involve assaying for compounds capable of binding IKK-beta. These assays can be carried out in vitro, in cultured cells, or in transgenic animals.
Joslin Diabetes Center is the owner of U.S. Patent Numbers: 6,648,755 6,630,312

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