Melanocyte Concentrating Hormone Knockout Mice.

Description: Melanocyte concentrating hormone (MCH) is a cyclic peptide found in fish and mammals. Although involved in regulation of color change in fish, it is localized in the ventral aspect of the Zona Incerta and the lateral hypothalamus in mammals, and was suspected to play a role in complex mammalian behaviors. MCH has been shown to regulate eating behavior in mammals. Specifically, MCH is known to stimulate feeding in rodents, while animals lacking the MCH gene are lean. This molecule and/or its receptor are therefore potentially useful targets for therapeutic intervention to control weight gain or eating behavior. Clinical & Commercial Utility: The available technology features transgenic mice, engineered with the MCH gene knocked out. This mouse model is useful in drug screening and development in the field of appetite control.
The MCH knockout mice are described in Shimada, et al., Nature (1998) 396:670-674. This model is not patented, however, Joslin is the owner of U.S. Patent Number 5,849,708, which covers methods of promoting eating behavior through administration of MCH agonists.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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