Improving Glycemic Control

Description: In differential gene expression studies of human tissue, the inventors have found that expression of genes regulated by the transcription factor SRF (serum response factor) is increased in individuals with type 2 diabetes. SRF is a highly conserved transcription factor that binds the CArG box, and it is known that knockouts of SRF are lethal. Genes whose transcription is activated by SRF were found to have elevated expression in human subject with insulin resistance compared to controls. The inventors further showed that inhibition of SRF transcriptional activity with a small molecule inhibitor led to enhanced Akt phosporylation in vitro, and to increased insulin sensitivity in animal models. Clinical & Commercial Utility: The invention therefore provides a potentially promising new target for the treatment of diabetes or insulin resistance. Inhibition of SRF transcriptional activity, using available small molecule inhibitors or others, can lead to improved glycemic control, thus affording a potentially powerful approach to the treatment of diabetes or insulin resistance.
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