Antigen Associated with Type I Diabetes Mellitus

Description: This invention relates to a protein, designated PM-1, that is expressed in human pancreatic islet cells. Autoantibodies to this protein have been found in serum of some prediabetic individuals who later developed diabetes, while such autoantibodies have not been found in serum of nondiabetic individuals. This evidence suggests that these autoantibodies are correlated to the development of diabetes, and possibly to a predisposition to the disease. This leads to possible strategies for therapeutic approaches to diabetes as well as diagnostic methods for predisposition to diabetes. Clinical & Commercial Utility: Purified PM-1 protein can be used as a therapeutic to treat or prevent the development of Type I diabetes. By administering this protein, or an antigenic fragment thereof, to a patient having diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes, the immune response to the PM-1 protein can be blocked. Issued U.S. Patent Number 5,891,437 covers this strategy.
Joslin Diabetes Center is the owner of U.S. Patent Number 5,891,437 claiming this invention.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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