Discrete Event Simulation Tool for Analysis of Qualitative Models of Continuous Processing Systems (CONFIG) (MSC-21465)

CONFIG is a general-purpose simulation tool that can support simulations in several domains, including process-oriented industries (chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals), water and waste processing, manufacturing, power systems, and computer/telecommunication networks. CONFIG is an enhancement of discrete event simulation to handle hybrid systems that include fluids. Discrete event simulation is dynamic simulation, modeling the time-based behavior of systems, where the intervals between time steps are usually dependent on when events occur. Typical discrete event simulations abstract events so that they can be run much faster than real time. To support early analysis, CONFIG models can be both quantitative and qualitative. Capabilities for continuous modeling include continuous integration algorithms and qualitative simulation, based on fuzzy sets. CONFIG uses a unique graph-analysis-based capability for reconfiguring global flow and pressure during simulations.

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