Crutch Foot Rester (Foot Rester on Crutch)

I am an inventor with a new product that I invented “TITLED” CRUTCH FOOT RESTER(FOOT RESTER ON CRUTCH). I invented this product, which goes on the tip of a crutch, so that it will offer people who have cast on their leg due to an ankle or foot injure an opportunity to have a place to rest the injured leg while walking with a crutch, thereby avoiding the uncomfortable and difficulty of having to walk or leap on one leg, in order to avoid putting much pressure on the injured leg, and also damaging the cast. With this device (product) a person on a crutch will be controlling the movement of his or her injured leg with his or her hand by lifting or pulling the injured leg up and lowering it down gently. The CRUTCH FOOT RESTER(FOOT RESTER ON CRUTCH) is an innovative new mobility device that is quickly and easily attaches to a crutch, and allows the wearer to walk short and long distances comfortably without putting much pressure on the injured leg. The CRUTCH FOOT RESTER(FOOT RESTER ON CRUTCH) always stays upright on the user’s leg, whether the user is seating down or standing up to make use of his or her hand(s). With this device, a person on a crutch will still be able to perform his or her daily activities around the house and at work. With this device(product), the user do not need two crutches to walk with. All the user needs is just one crutch to walk with. I realized the need for a product such as this when I had a cast on my leg in 2006, and had difficulties getting to places to places, especially long distances, and also going to the store and then having to struggle carrying my groceries home. This product is an ideal device for any body who has a cast on his or her leg, especially the elderly and children who often find it difficult to walk on a pair of crutches. Patent pending. Seeking to license this product. Thanks.

US 61,126,253

Type of Offer: Licensing

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